Project Solutions

Large, medium and small projects

Wherever ‘life saving’ safety equipment exists, it is critical to ensure that it is ready to perform in the event of an emergency.

Our projects team specialises in the design, installation and commissioning of fire systems and solutions to help protect your commercial, industrial or residential premises.

Fire Hydrant Systems


Automatic Sprinkler Systems

Fire Detection & Alarm Systems

Manufacturer Associations

VERST Fire Services have had a long association with many major manufacturers within the Industry and accordingly all spare parts and components can be sourced to service all contracts.

In particular VERST Fire Services specialise in the installation of FDAS and are acredited in the repair, service and installation of high level systems such as Pertronic F220, Siemens CerberusPRO, Algorex and Interactive Siemens products. Our staff are training to test, service, diagnose, install and commission the full range of these products. In addition to the above, our staff are training to service and commission Simplex Fire Products, Notifier Inertia, Vigilant MX1 and AMPAC in the southern region of Australia.

Networked Systems