Detection, Alarms & Evacuation

When fire breaks out, every second counts. The earlier the fire can be detected and the faster you can get your people to safety, the lower the risks for your people, property and business.

We design, install and commission Fire Detection and Alarm Systems, Fire Indicator Panels, Emergency Warning and Intercommunication Systems (EWIS) or Occupant Warning System (OWS) that range from simple cost-effective manual systems through to large automated commercial or industrial solutions.

SERVICE; Routine, Inspection, Testing and Service

Using innovative testing and servicing technologies, combined with the latest mobility device technology and in-house skilled technicians, we can provide the industry’s largest range of ESM services. 
With on call 24/7 support, whenever needed for peace of mind, our service technicians test, service and maintain your equipment to help ensure it complies with regulations including, but not limited to Australian Standard AS1851 and local regulations. Our expertise and services extend across the full range of fire detection systems.